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Atsave Dimitra: Born in Katerini, prefecture of Pieria. In 1987, she moved to Thessaloniki to study at the Department of Physical Education and Sport Science of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She accomplished her studies, specializing in Sailing and Special Education. During 1994-1995, she specialized in Aerobics (School of Aerobics, Municipality of Thessaloniki-Northern Greece Physical Education Teachers Association). She worked as a teacher of aerobics, orthosomics and fitness until 2006. The same year she began an one year training in the Pilates method, taught by Christina Polyzou, at the Art Action school. Along with her studies, she works at the Studio Art Action (current name: Body Mind Balance) until June 2010. She attended seminars with distinguished instructors οf BASI (Body Arts and Science International): Rael Isacowitch, Alan Herdman, Karen Clipinger, Richard Orbach, Elizabeth Larkman and Ray Chung.
She has also specialized in the method Rejuvance (Facial Massage), taught by Annette Samuelson.
For three consecutive years now, she attends the dance theatre lab of the dance team Vis Motrix. In August 2009, 2010 and 2011, she participated in the International Contact Improvisation and Performance Festival in Freiburg, Germany, where she also attended classes by Ka Rustler and Angela Doni. photo

Stella Topalidou: She teaches psychology and shiatsu techniques and she uses the therapeutic properties of shiatsu and Chi Nei Tsang (abdominal energy massage for detoxication and balance).
She graduated from the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Philosophy, A.U.TH.  and she accomplished her postgraduate studies in Research Methods for the Social Sciences (MSc) in the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. 
She was involved in scientific research and has gained experience in counseling and clinical psychology. She has been working as a shiatsu professional since 2004. She completed the three-year training program at the Shiatsu Academy, with Dafni Tzianopoulou-Head of School, and her trainers: Marianna Lazana, Eva Nagki, Tim Mulvagh, Vasilis Tritakis, Giannis Mpouhelos and Pierre Kouzmenco.
She has attended training courses in various techniques: Alexander Technique, Zen Shiatsu (Cliff Andrews), Feldenkrais method (Moeno Wakamatsu), Dance Therapy (Primitive Expression- France Schott Billmann), Taoist Breathing (Bruce Frantzis). She also does yoga and contemporary dance. photo

Stefanos Kanellis - external collaborator: He completed his studies at the Department of Physiotherapy, TEI of Thessaloniki in 1989 and since then he has been practicing his profession in a private place located in the street Pronoias, 21.
From 1991 to 1995 he served as a professor in the Institute 'Paster', Department of Physiotherapy Assistant. During this period he attended a postgraduate seminar on the Method Halliweek in Bad Ragaz, Switzerland. From then on, he began a series of seminars on chirotherapeutic techniques. In 1999, he obtained his Manual Therapist (Chirotherapist/Chiropractor) Diploma from the Academy Evjeinth-Kalteborg (Nordic System), based in Germany. At the same time, he attended various seminars: McKenzie Spinal Rehab Method, Buttler method for Mobilisation of the nervous system, restoration techniques for the normal motion of the body by Judith Sims, as well as other seminars on various chirotherapeutic methods (Palpation skills by Leon Chaitow, shoulder disorders treatment by Dr. Mark Jones, etc.).
The restoration is based on the correct initial assessment of the pathological movement patterns that create a host of problems not only in the affected area, but in the whole body as well. It includes functional massage/soft tissue therapy, deep friction, trigger points treatment, stretching, etc., while restoring the mobility of joints with mobilization and manipulation techniques.
Manual therapy is perfectly combined with the method developed by Dr. Pilates for the stabilization of joints. This combination provides a normal motion mode and works proactively to avoid potential musculoskeletal disorders. The ultimate purpose is the prevention of chronicity. Besides, it is widely known that “prevention is better than cure”. photo

Iordanidis Dimitris M.D.:
• 2009 - Ba.: Medical School of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
• 2010 - Acupuncture Diploma
• 1993 - Amalia Strinopoulou's Higher Proffessional Dance School Diploma

 Ιωάννα Γεωργιάδου

Ioanna Georgiadou was born in Brussels in 1982. From a very young age she fell in love
with dance and took her first dancing steps in the school of Agapi Vasikaridou at Eleftheroupoli,
Kavala. There, she attended ballet classes, rhythmic gymnastics, tap dancing and RAD modern
dancing (London Royal Academy of Dance for training classical ballet teachers). In 2002, she
enrolled in Anna Petrova’s professional dance school in Athens, after being successful at the
entrance examination of the Ministry of Culture. There, she studied classical ballet with mrs.
Petrova, modern dance with mrs. Dorina Kalathrianou and also psychology, history of dance,
rhythmic gymnastics and anatomy.
After her studies, she moved to Thessaloniki in 2005. She started training in Pilates for
one year in “Art-Action” Pilates school of mrs. Christina Polyzou, while she also started working
at the studio until 2008 as an instructor. During the same period, she took seminars of theatrical
play for handicapped, at the Culture Development Center of Fitted Sports (European funded
program K.A.P.P.A. 2000). From 2008 to 2011 she worked as an instructor in the Pilates studio
“Body Mind Balance” of mrs. Annette Samuelsson, with whom she attended the first year of the
Shiatsu massage method.
From September of 2011 until today, she works as an instructor in the Pilates studio
“Enter Pilates” with mrs. Dimitra Atsave.